Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Who is Mr. Surfplugs?

Well I suppose at some point you need to know who Mr. Surfplugs actually is? - this is me, Devon boy, Surfer, Surfers Ear Sufferer, Previous NHS Audiologist and Surfplugs developer. The problems with developing a Surfplug for surfing and watersports is finding a product that stays in. There are many products out there in Surf Shops but most end up falling out of your ears, clogging up the oceans or spending eternity rotting in the bottom of your wetsuit bin. It took me years of experiementing until I was happy with a product that worked for me, Surfplugs was accidently born out of the success of that initial Surfplug that I made back in 2003. Surfplugs are different - they do stay in and much of that is my experience with ear shape, the bulking process that we use and the feel of the lacquer against the ear... We do fit a leash as standard but this is reluctantly fitted as people felt they needed a leash rather than actually needing one - I think that makes sense? Well I would say that the Surfplugs is the best protection against surfers ear on the market but I suppose that when I tell you that we have over 1000 surfers wearing Surfplugs and every sale has been by word of mouth then you can make your own decision, hell, we even have Doctors recommending Surfplugs... there must be a reason why surfers and watersports enthusiasts worldwide are recommending Surfplugs for surfers ear protection - perhpas it's time you found out too! (photo courtesy of Chris Stevens)