Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bits of Bone from yer SKULL!!

This is actually a REAL photograph of what is removed during surfers ear surgery - GROSS HUH?

Chisel vs THE DRILL!!!

Kevin from Leucadia CA sent us this link. It's an awsome aticle that discusses the merits of Surfers Ear surgery via the chisel method and the drilling method. Well worth a read. for the Blog and the article CLICK HERE

Meet us at Bristol Surf Show

We will be at the Bristol Surf Show this weekend (Sat 24th & Sun 25th April 2010), FREE surfers ear check, FREE information, FREE advice, The Anson Rooms, Bristol. For details CLICK HERE

Friday, 2 April 2010

Surfer Rob plugging a gap in the surf market

Yes - the Title of an article that appreared this month in the North Devon Journal and on the South West Business website An article about little 'ol me and the Surfplugs business. Only problem was they ran it on April the 1st !!! Yep, they are real, I am real and heres the link to the full article. No April fool!

NEW FAQ's page on website

Ali has been busy in the office and has created a new FAQ page on the Surfplugs website. This is a collection of typical questions that we get asked and emailed on a daily basis and if you can think of any more relating to Surfplugs then let us know.