Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Swimmers Ear, it's not just about Surfing!

Swimming can cause a condition known as ‘Swimmers Ear’ the medical term is Acute Otitis Externa. Swimmers Ear is an infection of the epithelial skin lining of the ear caused by chlorine or dirty water depleting the natural protective acidic properties of the ear canal. The ear can become itchy, moist and inflamed and more susceptible to infection. Where the ear canal is left wet and infected from repeated swimming then this can cause repeated discomfort, infection and localised pain.

Is there anything about swimming outside or in cold water that can cause additional problems?

Yes, repeated cold water immersion can lead to ‘Surfers Ear’ the medical term is Exostoses. This is caused by the cooling effect of wind and water against the ear canal which promotes blood flow to the ear canal and results in the layering down of new bony growth which ultimately narrows the ear canal. This narrowing can trap water and debris causing painful infections and in extreme cases may require surgery to correct this.

What are the symptoms of these problems?

A feeling of fullness or difficulty clearing water from the ears after swimming is a possible indication of inflamed or narrow ear canals, as is itchy, painful or recurrent ear infections. Swimmer's ear may also cause your outer ear to appear red with scaly or flaking skin and in more serious cases swelling in your ear or lymph nodes in your neck may be experienced and pus may drain from the ear. Swimmer's ear is not usually an emergency, but it's important to see a doctor right away who can confirm this with a simple ear examination, especially if you have diabetes or an underlying immune system disease.

How can these problems be reduced or prevented?

In the first instance avoid water, especially polluted water, getting into the ear canals. We realise this is not practical for swim sports so the simple answer is earplugs. There are several types available to swimmers, these include silicone swim putty, push-fit earplugs or custom moulded earplugs such as Surfplugs. Finding a product that fits well into your own ears that are comfortable in use during swimming and training may take a bit of experimentation. But there are several types out there and generally you get what you pay for.  There are now also several types of ear drop on the market designed for swimmers that help to maintain the natural protective layers of the ear canal during swimming.Where irritation may have already occurred then avoid digging and scratching at the ear, an inflamed skin lining of the ear canal is extremely fragile and finger nails will easily rip or tear this exposing the ear to further infection.

What is the advantage of using ear plugs, and why are custom made ear plugs better than self-moulded ones?

Earplugs will keep the ears dry and warm preventing the conditions of both Swimmers Ear and Surfers Ear. Custom made products, such as Surfplugs, are designed for long term comfort and will provide a really good watertight fit in all ear shapes. Off-the-shelf products that rely on a pressure fit within the ear canal do rely on having a ‘normal’ ear shape. Where ear canal narrowing has already occurred or small or tortuous ear canal shapes exist then the fit of these may be compromised and a satisfactory watertight and comfortable fit may be harder to achieve.

If one of these problems has already arisen, what is the treatment?

Where infection is present then it is important to get this treated. Your local GP will be able to provide suitable advice and antibiotic drops to treat the type of infection. Surfers Ear and advanced narrowing of the ear canals will require more invasive treatment but the good news is that it doesn’t normally get to this stage without infections and ear related problems first. So therefore getting ear infections and discomfort investigated and treated early may highlight any potentially more complex or serious problems with the ear.

image: swimtechnique

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ben 'Skin Dog' Skinner new Surfplugs rider

The Sorted Surf Festival at Boscombe was a weekend of fine weather. The sun was beating down and the £3 million Bournemouth Surf Reef was doing what it does best (and thats a great impression of a pile of rocks at low tide). It's only mad dogs and english men that were out in this midday sun and one of those was Ben 'Skin Dog' Skinner who is our latest addition to the Surfplugs sponsored riders. Ben needs little introduction, with 16 Surfing titles, a 2nd in the world surfing games, former English champion and European professional longboard champion and the maker of Skin Dog Surfboards it's no wonder that his ears are pretty F*cked and he needed the best Surfers ear protection on the market... luckily he found Surfplugs. Being a Cornish bey we even finished the surfplugs with a St.Pirrans cross design... well it was that or a pasty!

Surfplugs at Brighton Paddle Around the Pier 2011

The Brighton Paddle Around the Pier event grows each year. This year Surfplugs are there too. Come down and get your ears checked, pick up FREE surfers ear advice and even get yourself hooked up with a pair of Surfplugs. See you there!

Who is Mr. Surfplugs?

Well I suppose at some point you need to know who Mr. Surfplugs actually is? - this is me, Devon boy, Surfer, Surfers Ear Sufferer, Previous NHS Audiologist and Surfplugs developer. The problems with developing a Surfplug for surfing and watersports is finding a product that stays in. There are many products out there in Surf Shops but most end up falling out of your ears, clogging up the oceans or spending eternity rotting in the bottom of your wetsuit bin. It took me years of experiementing until I was happy with a product that worked for me, Surfplugs was accidently born out of the success of that initial Surfplug that I made back in 2003. Surfplugs are different - they do stay in and much of that is my experience with ear shape, the bulking process that we use and the feel of the lacquer against the ear... We do fit a leash as standard but this is reluctantly fitted as people felt they needed a leash rather than actually needing one - I think that makes sense? Well I would say that the Surfplugs is the best protection against surfers ear on the market but I suppose that when I tell you that we have over 1000 surfers wearing Surfplugs and every sale has been by word of mouth then you can make your own decision, hell, we even have Doctors recommending Surfplugs... there must be a reason why surfers and watersports enthusiasts worldwide are recommending Surfplugs for surfers ear protection - perhpas it's time you found out too! (photo courtesy of Chris Stevens)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Surfboards 4 Sri Lanka

At Surfplugs a percentage of our sales go to this great charity. We thought we would let you know what they are doing with the money... Paddle4Relief, with the assistance of Surf Relief UK and Christian Surfers UK, have successfully shipped a consignment of surf boards and surf equipment to Sri Lanka. The funding for the shipment was a joint effort by the three UK organisations that have been paramount in working towards developing the sport of surfing in Sri Lanka, following the devastating 2004 Asian tsunami. The shipment was made by means of donations from Paddle4Relief, Tiki Surf International, Constantine Bay Surf Shop, Croyde Bay Surf Life Saving Club and numerous UK surfers, to Arugam Bay Surf Club. The project was overseen by Phil Williams of the UK charity Christian Surfers UK and co-ordinated by Tim Tanton of North Devon based charity Paddle4Relief. Tim collected and packed the consignment of 36 boxes with a volume of more than six cubic metres and a weight in excess of 310kg.

The P4R Founder had seen his garage gradually fill up with surfboards from as far back as the 1970's and as new as 2010. Tim himself has selflessly purchased numerous surfboards with the enormous help of Tiki Surf International. The consignment included rescue boards, SUP's, longboards, bodyboards, shortboards, fish, mini-mals and soft-tops, along with fins, leashes, wax, rash vests, wax combs, t-shirts and skateboard parts.

Tim was fortunate to have the help of North Devon Christian Surfer Mark Dennis in loading the consignment onto the lorry for transportation to the port of departure in the UK. The surfboards etc are expected to reach the Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka, in mid-March. They left the UK on the vessel, Ever Sigma, on the 23rd February, thanks to Paul Beeson of the freight company, GBS Freight Services Ltd.

Arugam Bay Surf Club Secretary, Krishantha Ariyasena, together with West Coast Surf Club Founder, Dilsiri Welikala, will be receiving the consignment in Colombo.

The equipment will then be distributed by Arugam Bay Surf Club to other developing surf clubs around the coast of Sri Lanka. The Arugam Bay Surf Club is the first surf club to be registered in Sri Lanka by the Sri Lanka Sports Ministry. The club's Chairman, Fawas, has worked tirelessly since 2006 to achieve this important recognition. He is now working with newly established clubs in the south and west of the island for their registration as well. Both Madiha Surf Club near Matara and West Coast Surf Club based in Colombo have been a result of the 'Birth of a Surfing Nation' project which was initially established in 2010 by Peter Rob-o, an Australian based in France and P4R's Tim Tanton. The focus is to create and develop 'The Surfing Federation of Sri Lanka' by motivating, supporting, educating and empowering the young surfers in Sri Lanka to produce a surfing culture that is able to provide a sustainable lifestyle for themselves and for their families and communities.

Further donations of surfboards and surfing equipment will be gratefully received for future consignments to Sri Lanka. Please contact tim@paddle4relief.co.uk for further information.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Tassy Swallow loves her Surfplugs

Here's Tassy Swallow, Surfplugs sponsored rider showing off her Surfplugs on a recent trip to Morocco.. Nice one Tassy!

Friday, 31 December 2010

The Elusive nature of Surfplugs

Got in the water this week and tested the Surfplugs. Very impressed with the design and fit. No more cold water trapped in the ears, nice one, thanks very much....
Nick (Elusive Surf)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Not PC, Offensive BUT funny!

Check out these Surfplugs. When we say we can put anything on the Surfplugs we really do mean it! Thanks to the Westward Ho! surf crew who pushed the boundary with multiple requests for something different..

Surf Art

A surf clinic at the Bude Parkhouse centre turned up this little gem. I liked the picture and Steve Andrew the artist wanted some Surfplugs... Both of us left happy. Check out his work HERE

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Carve Surf Magazine Editorial

Carve Magazine were so impressed with Surfplugs that they have dedicated a whole page article to them Check out Carve Magazines 'Sussed' section on the topic of Surfers Ear and Surfplugs. Page 110 of Issue 120 if your wondering. Available in all good places for £3.80 - get your copy!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Surf Clinic 20th of MOVEMBER 2010!

Surfplugs will be at Rest Bay, Porthcawl on the 20th Nov 2010 supporting the ElusiveSurf Welsh Open in support of Movember.. Its the usual format, come and find us and we can get your FREE ear checks for surfers ear, FREE information, FREE leaflets & FREE advice. If you need Surfplugs then we can arrange the impression taking and you can view the product. See you there..

6ft Urban Surf

Well, it's been a good week. We visitied London Surf Club who have a mass membership of over 250 surfers and we met just over 40 of them for Surfplugs fittings. The Urban Surf scene in London and the surrounding areas is really kicking off and driven by Ben Farwargi of 6ftoffshore.com who was massively instrumental in organising the event and is picture above modelling his brand new Banzai Surfplugs! Just got to get all those Surfplugs made now. Thanks guys..

Saturday, 2 October 2010

We're rolling!

The new Surfplugs promotional vehicle is done, here it is. It's been manic in Surfplugs towers this week so I havn't even been able to wash it in time for it's photograph. Many thanks to Blue Orange Signs at South Molton for sorting this out for us.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

NEW surfplugs promotional vehicle

Well good folks, for all of those that have got used to the ol' ford focus emblasoned with the 'surfplugs' logos then you are in for a shock! Drum roll please.... this is the NEW Mazda Bongo awaiting final import into the UK prior being given the Surfplugs treatment. Watch out for the Surfplugs tour coming soon... and I no longer have to kip in a tent - yeah!!

JACK BARKER - new sponsored team member

Introducing JACK BARKER, British Surf Kayak team rider. Jack is currently ranked no.1 in the Junior Long Boat and No.3 in Britain for Surf Kayak. Although Surfplugs were originally developed for Surfers and my own surfers ear problems it is good to know that other competetive and leisure activites are taking surfers ear seriously. White water Kayaks, Windsurfers, KiteSurfers, Open Water Swimmers - get serious about protecting yourself.

St Georges House - Georgeham

Thanks to Matt & all the instructors at St. Georges Christian outdoors centre, Georgeham, Devon. They really challenged the 'graphics option' on the surfplugs as you can see!!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Outdoors Skern Lodge Instructors

Thanks to Glyn Brackenbury and all the Outdoors Adventure instructors at Skern Lodge, Bideford, Devon who invited Surfplugs down for Surfers Ear information and ear checks on all 30 of their staff! With such a range of activites and accomodation for over 200 kids on site I reckon you will be wearing the Surfplugs for more than just surfing!

The Skate Project - Bideford College

Well... planning a lesson to over 30 Year 7 to Year 11 students at Bideford College today was a new experience. The kids have been involved in 'The Skate Project' and have developed skateboards and balance boards for their own enjoyment (and their bloody good too - as I found out when I sneaked a go on one). Fortunately it went well (so I am told) and the kids really enjoyed the grusome surgery shots of surfers ear. If that wasn't enough then putting the video camera down their teachers ears to see how much wax they had really hit the mark. But eduction education and education is what we are really about at Surfplugs. We provide a solution for avoiding ear problems before they start and educting the kids at this age was a great opportunity! thanks to Paul Fordham and all the kids who turned up!

Car polish, Oil & some Surfplugs please!

I have sold Surfplugs in some of the most unlikely places. This week was one of those situations. Thanks to Simon Twitchen (formerly of Point Breaks) who cornered me in the carpark at Halfords when I was buying some car polish! - 5 minutes later the impressions were done. So if you see me STOP ME - I have normally got all the kit / leaflets & information in the car. Cheers, Rob

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Arugam Bay Well Project - Sri Lanka

Surfplugs is proud to report that we have donated enough money from Surfplugs sales to fund a new village well project in Sri Lanka. Tim Tanton, founder of the Paddle4Relief charity has said:

'Arugam Bay Surf Club have managed to lease some land on the beach front, we will soon be building a surf club and are fortunate to have a well on the land. Your donation will go towards the regeneration of an unused, dirty and contaminated well and it will be named SURFPLUGS!'

A proportion of all Surfplugs sales continues to be forwarded to this fantastic charity which helps to rebuild the community which lost over 40,000 people and assist the forgotten victims of the tsunami that hit these islands on Boxing Day 2004.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Jools writing about Surfplugs

Here is an article from painter & surfer Jools - for the article and his website click (here)

When I had a routine medical about 18 months ago the occupational health nurse had a look in my ears,"Oh that's odd" she said,"I have never seen anything like that before in someone's ear". I immediatly knew what she could see...bone growth!I have been an all year round surfer for quite a few years and was waiting for the dayall that cold water and wind would take affect and my ears would start to heal over !The Occupational Health Doctor checked them out and confirmed a small amount of growth in the right ear. Straight away I booked an appointment with the good people of Surfplugs to get myself sorted. After a thorough examination I was told a had some growth in both ears but was reassured when theytold me that if I wear the plugs the growth won't get any worse. After having the molds taken(which is painless in case you were wondering) I received my ear plugs in the post about a week later.

I have been wearing them for over a year now. The first time I wore them it did feel a little odd. After the first paddle out I realised that I could hear my heart beating. By the end of the session I had completely adjusted to them. The cord didn't last long though. The first session I wore the plugs with a hoodI tore the cord out of a plug when taking the hood off. They have since upgraded the cords they use.

So the final verdict:
I find them really comfortable to wear.
I don't find they have really reduced my hearing to the detriment of enjoying a surf.
The thing I didn't expect is that keeping the cold water out of your ears makes you feel warmer.
It is a very cheap way of avoiding a really nasty operation (which won't stop the growth anyway)
I would recommend them to any surfer!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bits of Bone from yer SKULL!!

This is actually a REAL photograph of what is removed during surfers ear surgery - GROSS HUH?

Chisel vs THE DRILL!!!

Kevin from Leucadia CA sent us this link. It's an awsome aticle that discusses the merits of Surfers Ear surgery via the chisel method and the drilling method. Well worth a read. for the Blog and the article CLICK HERE

Meet us at Bristol Surf Show

We will be at the Bristol Surf Show this weekend (Sat 24th & Sun 25th April 2010), FREE surfers ear check, FREE information, FREE advice, The Anson Rooms, Bristol. For details CLICK HERE

Friday, 2 April 2010

Surfer Rob plugging a gap in the surf market

Yes - the Title of an article that appreared this month in the North Devon Journal and on the South West Business website An article about little 'ol me and the Surfplugs business. Only problem was they ran it on April the 1st !!! Yep, they are real, I am real and heres the link to the full article. No April fool!

NEW FAQ's page on website

Ali has been busy in the office and has created a new FAQ page on the Surfplugs website. This is a collection of typical questions that we get asked and emailed on a daily basis and if you can think of any more relating to Surfplugs then let us know.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Surfers Ear Clinic - Saunton Beach, 30th May 2010

Surfplugs will be supporting the Paddle4Relief charity again this year and will be present at Saunton Beach on the 30th May for FREE ear checks, FREE advice and FREE leaflets. Why not come down to see us and also get involved in the P4R day, sponsored paddle, raffles, beach BBQ and music - see you there.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Drift Magazine - Surfplugs product review

Thanks to Chris Preston who spent the time writing about how good Surfplugs are and the whole experience of being fitted with the Surfplugs, getting them and wearing them in the surf. To read the whole article and browse the feature sections of drift magazine click here.

Surfplugs assists the P4R charity

Surfplugs has teamed up with local Devon based charity Paddle4Relief which was formed shortly after the 2004 Asian Tsunami. The founder of P4R is Tim Tanton who has been raising funds to help rebuild the local community of Arugam Bay on the south east coast of Sri Lanka. The P4R charity holds a range of activity including the popular Saunton sponsored paddle and Surfplugs are pleased to being doing our bit and donating 1.5% of all sales to the charity - we aim to be able to donate enough to fund a well project each year. For more details about Tim and the P4R charity visit http://www.paddle4relief.co.uk/


Surfplugs are please to announce that we have finally managed to purchase the domain surfersear.com We will shortly be creating a mini site dedicated to awareness of this common conditon. Watch this space!

Musings on a sliding life in North Devon

Last night, Chris Preston (Braunton, Devon), scribbled down his blog address and asked me to take a look. My early start was delayed this morning as I was side tracked by this beautiful blog. Feel good, laid back, the essense of summer surfing and beautiful photography make this a blog worth visiting - I urge anyone to brew themselves a coffee, take half an hour out, slow down, unwind and de-stress whilst you discover the Adventures in Trim blogspot 'Musings on a sliding life in North Devon UK' (picture above 'borrowed' from this blog)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Surfplugs receives Welsh approval!

More great feedback from the Welsh crew - Lee Griffiths (Swansea):
'Thanks for my Surfplugs they're bloody awsome!!!!!!! surfed three times with them and not a drop of water near my ears. I can't speak highly enough of them, best i've ever had and i've had a fair few. Told everyone about them and will be ordering another set soon.'

Friday, 26 February 2010

Surfplugs cord receives German approval!

Some feedback on the new Surfplugs cord from one of our German riders 'Chriz Kohler':

'Good strong stuff, almost unbreakable, no problems with it'

'I like to surf more with the Surfplugs than without ... it's strange but true'

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Surf Scholarship for Tassy!

We are pleased to see this picture and article of Tassy Swallow (one of our Surfplugs riders) that appeared on the BBC News website today - especially as our logo appeared in the picture! - For the full article about Tassy and her Surf Scholarship (lucky girl) visit the BBC News article here.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Surfers Ear Surgery

Thanks to Pat Cummins from NCS surfboards for sending me this picture of his ear following his recent surfers ear surgery. For full details of the surgery and NCS surfboards visit the recent article in Drift Magazine at http://www.driftsurfing.eu/index.php/archives/3893. We are fitting him up with a set of Surfplugs next week..... !

Monday, 14 December 2009

Facial paralysis & surfers ear surgery

A new breed of shaper

Rob Shaddick, lives and surfs in North Devon. When he’s not surfing he can be found in his shaping workshop surrounded by dust with a pungent smell of resin filling the air. He’s shaped for Reubyn Ash, Lyndon Wake, Beau Bromham, Karma Worthington, Ben Haworth, Alex Baker, Nick Lloyd and over 600 other surfers worldwide so how has he remained so elusive?

Rob is a different breed of shaper. With a background as an NHS audiologist Rob has been quietly developing and shaping custom surfers ear protection for the last 4 years. Surfplugs was started by helping out a few of his mates with Surfers Ear and surfing related ear problems but has grown into a business that now produces over 300 sets of Surfplugs per year – and average of six sets per week.

“Off the shelf products just don’t provide the performance that most surfers crave. Earplugs are such an individual thing; it can make a huge difference what type you use.”

Customization is the key to Rob’s success in the business. Every Surfplug that Rob makes is as unique as the surfer riding it. Surfplugs are produced completely in-house, ensuring the very best quality, design, finish and customer service every step along the way.

In a startling similarity to surfboard manufacture each Surfplug is hand shaped and sanded to the individual requirement before adding personalised design, logos and finished with gloss coats. Leashes are added to keep them secure and they are then packaged in a zip bag and returned to the customer.

Surfing is still largely a tribal affair, and developments or new products are often viewed with suspicion. Rob decided to build the business slowly and relied on word of mouth and the positive feedback that his customers were providing.

‘We figured that if the product didn’t work then nobody would recommend Surfplugs. Fortunately our customers think they are great!’

Rob says, ‘In our first year we only made 18 sets and despite the recession we have seen growth each year and now produce over 300 pairs a year. It’s encouraging to learn that Surfers are really investing in their health’.

Wetsuit technology has enabled Surfers to remain in the water for longer. Frontiers are being pushed and previously unachievable cold water destinations are now being surfed. With longer exposure to cold water conditions a rise in Surfers Ear and surfing related ear problems is expected. Surfplugs are the custom product designed for ultimate performance and protection against Surfers Ear.

For more information about Surfplugs visit: http://www.surfplugs.co.uk/ or email: info@surfplugs.co.uk

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Happy customer.... thanks for the feedback!

Hi Rob, got my Surfplugs this am, just got back from Putsborough and all is good - feels so nice to not have water sloshing around in my ears after a surf...

Thanks for the great service and a great product.

Rob Jones

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Who's on Board with Surfplugs??

Need convincing?.. heres a list of some great local riders... what have they got in common?? yep.. you've guessed, they all use Surfplugs to prevent Surfers ear - I would love to mention you all but to date I think theres over 600 of you!

Nick Lloyd
Ben Haworth
Nathan Carter
Tassy Swallow
Reubyn Ash
Beau Bromham
Tim Ellman-Brown
Karma Worthington
Sophie Hellyer
Olly Daglish
Alex Baker
Paul Kirby

Outdoor Adventure instructors get plugged!

The Outdoor Adventure centre, Widemouth Bay, Bude was pleased to have its surf instructors fitted up with Surfplugs. They spend a significant time in the water and is important to protect the safety of the instructors and their health. Thanks to Caroline, Stell and everyone else - you know who you are. Outdoor Adventure offers a range of activities for all and their website can be checked out by clicking here.

New Surfplugs leash design..

Surfplugs have just launched a new and improved leash design for the Surfplugs. The older style leash suffered with the problem of breaking at the joint, particuarly in the winter months when the addition of a hood made the problem worse. The new leash fit flush, are screwed rather than glued into the plugs and are developed from a cord type material rather than the plastic. If aanyone wants to upgrade to the new leash just send your Surfplugs in and we will do it for you - now thats fair isnt it?

Monday, 16 November 2009

So what does Surfers Ear look like?

Well you can't tell by just looking at someone, but as soon as you start looking into the ear canal the full horror of surfers ear starts to reveal itself. The slow growth of bone starts to close the ear canal - here's a picture of Tim Ellman-Brown's right ear, he's a surfer from Newquay and an all round great bloke... but he's got some seriously messed up surfers ear!.. if you need to compare it with a normal ear then look at the other photo.. I will leave it up to you which one you think is the normal ear!!!

Friday, 6 November 2009

So what are the clinical reasons for Surfers Ear

Well - without getting into this too deeply, here a little more info. Thanks to those who have provided feedback to the blog pages and I hope to get a bit more contect up soon for you hungry knowledge monkeys!

Surfers ear (Exostosis) is a common but preventable condition of the ear canal. In the UK waters it is six times more common than in the tropics and the more frequently you surf the more likely you are to develop it. It can become apparent after as little as five years of regular surfing.

The combination of wind and wet skin promotes bony growths within the ear and results in partial or full blockage of the ear canal, trapping water and debris which can cause painful ear infections. A feeling of fullness or difficulty clearing water from the ears after surfing is a clear indication of developing Surfers Ear as is painful or recurrent ear infections.

The problem has increased with improvements in modern wetsuits design; surfers are in the water for longer, especially during the winter when lower temperatures and prevailing winds create higher risk.

In severe and advanced cases of Surfers Ear the narrowing can create deafness and the only treatment is by a surgical operation called a ‘Canaloplasty’ where the surgeon digs a hole in the bone behind the ear and drills out the bony lumps. New methods of surgery are also emerging including ear canal ‘chipping’ techniques however, either operation should be a last resort as it can be painful, carries the risk of complications and will put you out of the water for at least two months, and if you don't continue to protect the ear it will return. Prevent this happening and get fitted with Surfplugs™.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Mean surfers ear surgery.... OUCH!

Facial palsy following surfers ear surgery

Why text your mates about your surf trip?

The little Beep Beep of my phone just alerted me to another nugget of useless text information, but these little notes often take the edge off the day. This particular day isn't going well, it's raining outside, the surf is blown out, and I'm sat in the workshop making Surfplugs getting heady on the lacquer and covered in dust and on top of all this I've just superglued one of my fingers to an envelope (??). So reaching for my phone I was further depressed to learn that it was Nick 'Lloydy' Lloyd just letting me know that he's off on a 10 day surfing boat trip to indo. Has the man got no feelings? and on top of that he wants me to provide him with a new set of surfplugs for his trip, He's a great chap and a decent surfer but fancy telling me stuff like that! it was only a few months ago that he texted me in the same way to tell me he was off to Sri Lanka (have a heart my man, think of us all left behind trying to paddle out through blown out freezing mush back here in Devon)..... Well I'm making the plugs right now for you...... One of them is poo brown with a big picture of a C*ck on it and the other Surfplug has the words 'I love it up me' on it... I hope you like them!