Monday, 17 May 2010

Jools writing about Surfplugs

Here is an article from painter & surfer Jools - for the article and his website click (here)

When I had a routine medical about 18 months ago the occupational health nurse had a look in my ears,"Oh that's odd" she said,"I have never seen anything like that before in someone's ear". I immediatly knew what she could see...bone growth!I have been an all year round surfer for quite a few years and was waiting for the dayall that cold water and wind would take affect and my ears would start to heal over !The Occupational Health Doctor checked them out and confirmed a small amount of growth in the right ear. Straight away I booked an appointment with the good people of Surfplugs to get myself sorted. After a thorough examination I was told a had some growth in both ears but was reassured when theytold me that if I wear the plugs the growth won't get any worse. After having the molds taken(which is painless in case you were wondering) I received my ear plugs in the post about a week later.

I have been wearing them for over a year now. The first time I wore them it did feel a little odd. After the first paddle out I realised that I could hear my heart beating. By the end of the session I had completely adjusted to them. The cord didn't last long though. The first session I wore the plugs with a hoodI tore the cord out of a plug when taking the hood off. They have since upgraded the cords they use.

So the final verdict:
I find them really comfortable to wear.
I don't find they have really reduced my hearing to the detriment of enjoying a surf.
The thing I didn't expect is that keeping the cold water out of your ears makes you feel warmer.
It is a very cheap way of avoiding a really nasty operation (which won't stop the growth anyway)
I would recommend them to any surfer!