Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ben 'Skin Dog' Skinner new Surfplugs rider

The Sorted Surf Festival at Boscombe was a weekend of fine weather. The sun was beating down and the £3 million Bournemouth Surf Reef was doing what it does best (and thats a great impression of a pile of rocks at low tide). It's only mad dogs and english men that were out in this midday sun and one of those was Ben 'Skin Dog' Skinner who is our latest addition to the Surfplugs sponsored riders. Ben needs little introduction, with 16 Surfing titles, a 2nd in the world surfing games, former English champion and European professional longboard champion and the maker of Skin Dog Surfboards it's no wonder that his ears are pretty F*cked and he needed the best Surfers ear protection on the market... luckily he found Surfplugs. Being a Cornish bey we even finished the surfplugs with a St.Pirrans cross design... well it was that or a pasty!