Monday, 2 November 2009

Why text your mates about your surf trip?

The little Beep Beep of my phone just alerted me to another nugget of useless text information, but these little notes often take the edge off the day. This particular day isn't going well, it's raining outside, the surf is blown out, and I'm sat in the workshop making Surfplugs getting heady on the lacquer and covered in dust and on top of all this I've just superglued one of my fingers to an envelope (??). So reaching for my phone I was further depressed to learn that it was Nick 'Lloydy' Lloyd just letting me know that he's off on a 10 day surfing boat trip to indo. Has the man got no feelings? and on top of that he wants me to provide him with a new set of surfplugs for his trip, He's a great chap and a decent surfer but fancy telling me stuff like that! it was only a few months ago that he texted me in the same way to tell me he was off to Sri Lanka (have a heart my man, think of us all left behind trying to paddle out through blown out freezing mush back here in Devon)..... Well I'm making the plugs right now for you...... One of them is poo brown with a big picture of a C*ck on it and the other Surfplug has the words 'I love it up me' on it... I hope you like them!