Sunday, 1 November 2009

What is Surfers Ear?

Many people ask me what actually causes surfers ear? If we look at the most basic explanation it is growth of the bone within the ear canal caused by the cooling effect of the wind over the moist skin layers. Its a protective mechanism, the ears are trying to close and restrict water into the ear. The good thing is that this doesn't happen quickly and takes years of regular surfing before it becomes a serious problem, I typically see the first signs of development after about 5 years but severe cases tend to be restricted to those that have been surfing for 15 to 20 years or more. The bad thing is that it can trap debris, wax, create infection, pain and may require surgery - and speak to anyone who has it and they will all tell you they wished they had used plugs or knew about this condition sooner! I have only just started this blog for surfers ear and am not sure yet what the hell im doing but I hope to be able to offer you an incite to this common condition, post some pictures of affected ear canals, show you how great out surfplugs are and tell you a little about who we sponsor, who's riding with surfplugs and which beaches, surfshops or events we will be at so that you can come and meet us. Cheers for now and catch up soon..... Rob.... oh yeah, and if you like pop by our website at